Beneavin Campus consists of three individual interconnected nursing homes – Beneavin House, Beneavin Manor and Beneavin Lodge, each one offering different care options. Situated in the heart of the leafy suburb of Glasnevin, close to the National Botanic Gardens, Beneavin Campus is a very popular and well-established care facility.

The differences between the three nursing homes are subtle yet uniquely distinctive to provide the most appropriate care and support for the specific needs of each individual. Our Director of Admissions will be able to advise which home is most suitable for you or your loved one.

Beneavin House

Beneavin House can accommodate 150 residents across 4 floors and provides a wide variety of care options. Most bedrooms are wheelchair accessible and have single ensuite facilities.

  • Older people who wish to remain as independent and as active as possible, with some assistance in certain aspects of daily living, providing comfort, security and a full personalised social care programme
  • Specialised nursing care for those with disabilities including strokes, neurological conditions and increasing frailty

  • Dementia friendly care for those with milder symptoms

  • Short Term Respite Care: This service may be required when a home carer is temporarily unavailable to provide care to an individual who requires 24-hour support.

  • Convalescence Care: We can provide convalescence following a medical procedure or a hospital stay. Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services can be arranged during this period.

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Beneavin Manor – state-of-the-art dementia care

Beneavin Manor can accommodate 115 residents across three floors. Our newest nursing home, it was purpose built in 2018 as a modern dementia care home.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of residents with varying stages of dementia, bespoke features enable our residents to experience an environment best suited to their needs. Beneavin Manor even includes a specialised ‘Mens’ Shed’ unit.

The dementia care team is led by highly-qualified dementia care nurses, many of whom have specialised in the study of dementia at third level and postgraduate level. Our registered nurses and carers have all received specialised training in dementia care and we provide ongoing training in this ever-evolving area.

The extensive experience of our team is essential to delivering the standards of excellent, person-centred care that we pride ourselves on. We also take a keen interest in innovations in the care of dementia patients in order to give our residents the best possible lifestyle.

Each resident is respected as an independent adult and their wishes and choices supported. We prioritise their independence and autonomy in a caring environment where they feel reassured and safe.

Our senior dementia-care nurses are highly-qualified, some having specialised in the area at postgraduate level.

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Beneavin Lodge

Beneavin Lodge has 70 beds across two floors and provides bespoke care in the following areas:

  • More specialised nursing care for residents with disabilities, including individuals who have suffered strokes or have neurological conditions
  • Individuals with increasing frailty

  • Dementia Friendly care for those with more moderate symptoms of dementia in our Dementia Friendly Communities

Our approach to nursing care is based on personalised care plans. Drawn up with the individuals we support and their families, our care plans ensure that each person we look after is treated with dignity and respect, and that their independence and choices are supported.

Our dedicated and experienced team are passionate about providing quality 24-hour nursing and dementia care that affords the best possible alternative for those who are no longer able to manage at home.

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We are committed to providing individualised and compassionate care to people in a homelike environment that enables them to live a full and abundant life.

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