Beneavin Campus is a leading Dublin nursing home with three individually interconnected nursing homes – Beneavin House, Beneavin Manor, and Beneavin Lodge, each offering different quality care options. Situated in the heart of the leafy suburb of Glasnevin, in close proximity to the National Botanic Gardens, Beneavin Campus is a top-rated and well-established elderly care facility.

The differences between the three nursing homes are subtle yet uniquely distinctive to provide quality of life by providing the most appropriate highest quality elderly care services and support for the specific needs of each individual.

An initial assessment with Our Director of Admissions will be able to advise which nursing home is most suitable for you or your beloved family members.

Beneavin House – Luxurious Accommodation

Beneavin House nursing home Dublin, can accommodate 150 residents across 4 floors and provides a wide variety of elderly care options. Most bedrooms in the nursing home are wheelchair accessible and have single en-suite facilities, thus providing easy access for our residents.

A caring, compassionate community

Moving into full-time care can be a life-changing experience for those embarking on the next chapter of their lives. The experience can give nursing home residents a new lease on life with the help of trained staff and carefully constructed care plans.

In each of our Beneavin nursing homes, we respect each resident as an independent adult whose wishes and choices are fully supported by our professional nursing and care team. We respect the integrity of each resident at all times and prioritise their independence and autonomy in a caring environment.

At Beneavin nursing home, our goal is to build a community where everyone feels reassured and safe.

Respecting the Independence of your Loved One

Residents can join an independent living community while remaining as active as possible, with some assistance in certain aspects of daily living.

Trained professional nurses and care staff play a key role in providing specialised quality care while ensuring the safety of those with disabilities. These disabilities range from strokes and neurological conditions to increasing frailty.

Our service takes pride in the delivery of excellent care, comfort, security and a complete personalised quality social care programme to ensure all residents in our nursing homes enjoy the highest quality of life.

Dementia-friendly Care for those with Milder Symptoms

A key feature of Beneavin nursing homes is that we have designed our nursing home to have a frail elderly and dementia-friendly environment. Our resident’s formal nursing care plans help the activities of daily living. In contrast, personalised care plans offer residents availing of our service as much mental and memory stimulation as possible.

To learn more about our Dementia care Dublin facilities, make an inquiry to speak with a member of our team.

Sharing your Past, Present and Future

In addition, all our nursing home staff have received the latest certified training in providing person-centred care and support for residents with dementia. This ensures that they receive the respect and care they need to live long and fulfilling lives.

We work closely with our residents and their families. As part of our care planning, we strive to familiarise ourselves with what is important to them, including their past experiences, passions, and preferences.

Short Term Respite Care

This service may be required when a home carer is temporarily unavailable for a few days or perhaps weeks to provide care to an individual who requires 24-hour support.

Respite in a nursing home can be hugely beneficial for older people, especially those with mobility or health issues. It also assures you your loved one is receiving the highest quality care possible.

To learn more about our short term respite care Dublin, get in touch to speak with a member of our team.

Respite Care is an opportunity to form new friendships

Respite is the perfect opportunity for you or your loved one to meet new people. Then, with the encouragement of caring, professional staff, they can join other community members to enjoy the beautiful gardens of the nursing home.

Another great option is to chat over tea and cake in the dining room. As a result, they are forming new friendships, which has an overall benefit to mental health.

It is an opportunity for you or your loved one to meet new people in a relaxed and safe environment. If your loved one or you need to re-access respite, the experience will not feel disruptive or distressing.

How Long Can I Stay In Respite Care?

The duration of Respite care is usually from a few days to a few weeks, typically when a home carer is temporarily unavailable. A medical referral is not required, and you can arrange respite care directly with us.

Temporary Respite care can also help assess whether residential care is a suitable care option for you. Contact us to learn more.

Convalescence Care

Convalescence Care provides an essential transitional phase immediately after discharge from the hospital. Our specialised programmes, tailored to your individual medical needs, can significantly assist you in restoring your confidence as you progress towards full recovery and enable you to integrate back into your community as quickly as possible.

We can provide services such as convalescent care following a medical procedure or a hospital stay. We can also arrange Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services during this period.

Several private healthcare providers approve Convalescence Care. Don’t hesitate to contact your provider to determine your exact entitlements. Contact us to learn more.

Beneavin Manor – Our Residents Receive- State-of-the-Art Dementia Care

Beneavin Manor, in North Dublin, provides three floors of luxurious accommodation to accommodate 115 residents. Our newest purpose-built modern nursing home was built in 2018 and is specifically designed to meet the needs of residents with varying stages of dementia.

Bespoke features enable our residents to experience an environment best suited to their needs. Beneavin Manor even includes a specialised ‘Men’s’ Shed’ unit.

Our specialised Team

The care team at our Dublin care home consists of highly-qualified nurses, many of whom have specialised in studying dementia at third and postgraduate levels. They play a key role in ensuring the overall well-being and safety of our elderly residents.

In addition, our registered nursing staff and carers have all received specialised training in dementia care. As this is an area that is ever-evolving, we provide ongoing training to our staff.

Delivering Standards of Excellence

Our team’s extensive experience is essential to delivering the standards of excellence and person-centred care on which we pride ourselves. We also take a keen interest in innovations in dementia patients’ care to give our residents the best quality of life and lifestyle possible. Our mission is to afford the best possible alternative for those using our services when they can no longer manage at home.

Supporting and Nurturing Medical, Recreational and Spiritual Needs

We work to deliver a holistic approach to caring for our residents. Our dedicated nursing staff ensure that all our resident’s needs are catered for. We are committed to nurturing and supporting our residents’ medical, spiritual, and recreational needs. In addition, our nursing staff promote and support a culture of independent living in an enjoyable, relaxed setting, enabling our residents to live fulfilled lives.

We Create a Personalised Care Plan for your Family Members

Our approach to nursing care is based on personalised care plans and drawn up with a focus on supporting individuals and their families. Our care plans ensure that each resident we look after is treated with dignity and respect and that their independence and choices are supported.

Our dedicated and experienced team are the people delivering quality 24-hour nursing and elderly care. Trained professional nursing and care staff play a key role in providing specialised quality care while ensuring the safety of those with disabilities, including strokes, neurological conditions and increasing frailty.

Nutrition, Relaxation and Quality Care

Our holistic approach means we take care of all our resident’s needs, including providing healthy balanced nutrition plans. In addition, maintaining the community experience for our residents is essential to us, which is why we focus on creating a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere where our residents look forward to eating fresh, nutritious meal.

We serve exceptional hot and cold food options from our in-house professional chef. In addition, a daily menu caters to our resident’s dietary needs, special requests or preferences. This includes vegan and gluten-free options. Our regular theme days help ensure variety in dishes and new additions to the menu.

Hydration and nourishment are of utmost importance to our elderly community. Therefore, we have plenty of fresh fruit and snacks for residents to enjoy at their leisure. In addition, an experienced staff member is always happy to lend assistance to anyone who needs it while eating or drinking.

Social Activities Programmes-with an Emphasis on Quality of Life

Our specialised nursing home staff understand that people with dementia can become easily frightened and disoriented, even in familiar surroundings. Therefore, our activity programmes highlight the significance of psychosocial stimulation and meaningful activities in improving older people’s health and quality of life.

At each of our Beneavin nursing homes, we encourage residents to stay active, enjoy the outdoors, connect socially, and relax. Simple pleasures like listening to the radio, watching favourite TV shows, or finding quiet time to read are actively encouraged in all our nursing homes.

Fit for Life Exercise and Fitness

In our Beneavin nursing homes, we recognise the importance of physical activities in the lives of all our residents. We encourage our residents to participate in the weekly fitness programme Fit for Life. Assisted by our staff, residents can participate at a level that is suited to their individual abilities, while ensuring safety, comfort and enjoyment for all.

Seasonal events include garden karaoke, music concerts and afternoon tea parties. Then there’s the magic of the Christmas season with a strong emphasis on remembering Christmas Past.

Keeping you and your Family Safe

During COVID, we, like everyone else, participated in infection control measures, for infection prevention to keep residents safe. All of these were undertaken while still allowing residents to participate in a wide range of engaging and enjoyable indoor activities.

However, since our residents and staff have received all necessary vaccines early this year, we can now begin to plan outside trips for our residents. Many of our residents enjoy unwinding in the gardens or strolling in the courtyard.

As part of the ongoing control measures within our nursing home, we continue to closely monitor any potential risks to the health and well-being of our residents and staff. We are happy to report that all of our nursing homes and our sister nursing home remain entirely free of the virus thanks to a diligent infection control policy.

Financial Support Scheme

We realise that the transition from home to a nursing home can be a difficult one, which can cause further stress if finances are an issue. Our mission is to afford the best possible alternative for those using our services when they can no longer manage at home.

However, if financial support is required, you may wish to consider the Fair Deal Scheme or Nursing Homes Support Scheme which is managed by the HSE and is available to people who may need long term nursing home care.

The scheme is applicable whether you choose a private nursing home, public nursing home, or voluntary one. The application process may seem daunting at first, but we can walk you through the process. Contact us to learn more.

At all three nursing homes at Beneavin (North Dublin), we are committed to providing individualised and compassionate care to people in a homelike environment that enables them to live enriching and fulfilling lives.

Beneavin Lodge

Beneavin Lodge Nursing Home Dublin, has 70 beds across two floors and like Beneavin House and Beneavin Manor.

Our highly trained care team, provides 24 hour bespoke care for your loved ones. Similar to our other houses, our friendly professional nursing care for those with more moderate symptoms of dementia in our warm, compassionate Communities.

While supporting Individuals with increasing frailty, and providing more specialised nursing care for residents with disabilities, including individuals who have suffered strokes or have neurological conditions. We also provide:

For further information about our Dublin nursing homes or any of our other private nursing homes. You can find our contact details: / (01) 864 8516

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We are committed to providing individualised and compassionate care to people in a homelike environment that enables them to live a full and abundant life.

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