A new lease of life

Moving into fulltime care can often give residents a new lease of life.

We have a busy programme of activity to suit all interests and abilities. We have adapted throughout COVID to keep residents safe whilst continuing to enjoy a wide variety of engaging and fun-filled activities. We have also introduced many new experiences including live music performances via Zoom.

We encourage residents to stay active, enjoy the outdoors, connect socially and take time to relax too.
From simple pleasures such as listening to the radio, watching a favourite TV shows or getting quiet time to read in the afternoon, our residents continue to do the things they have always enjoyed.

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We are committed to providing individualised and compassionate care to people in a homelike environment that enables them to live a full and abundant life.

Physical activity and the outdoors

We place great emphasis on physical activities from spending time outdoors to taking part in daily exercise classes. Exercise and fitness classes continue, thanks to Fit for Life, who have created a comprehensive and fun exercise programme for our residents. Our friendly carers assist residents to participate at a level that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable and suited to their individual ability.

Our outdoor spaces and gardens, including our beautiful courtyards, continue to be the hub of the home and a popular haven to relax in and enjoy nature. Many residents have taken up gardening, and enjoy sharing the fruits of their labours.

Seasonal events include garden karaoke , music concerts and afternoon tea parties. Then there’s the magic of the Christmas season with a strong emphasis on remembering Christmas Past.

With the success of the vaccination programme, we can also once again facilitate safe trips outside the home with family and loved ones.

Interests & learning new skills

During our personalised induction programme for new residents, our care team spends time getting to know the individual as they are eased into their new surroundings. We create a ‘getting to know you’ book so that all our team members will know and understand your loved ones passions and interests and the details that are important to their everyday life.

We also invite residents to learn new crafts and skills including painting, dance and to take part in challenges such as our ‘Great Bake Off’.

Residents have plenty of choice when it comes to entertainment and socialising such as Bingo, quizzes and sing-a-longs run in smaller groups on individual floors.

During the 2020 lockdown, we even hosted ‘The Great Beneavin Bake Off’ and the Firstcare Olympics! All participants and spectators had a wonderful time and there was plenty of fun and laughter.

Our carers spend a lot of time interacting, having chats and fun, so residents are surrounded by familiar and friendly faces and feel comfortable and at ease. Residents enjoy music through a variety of zoom calls from our musicians who very kindly put together live music sessions for them. We also had a weekly live zoom session from the lovely Aishling Ennis ( National Concert hall ) and her Harp o’Clock concerts where she engaged with residents and their families playing their requests for each other on camera.

We are continuing to organise these live events virtually to keep everyone safe and hopefully it won’t be too long before we can have musicians perform in person again.

Birthdays & special occasions

Each individual is very important to us and we put great emphasis on celebrating their unique moments.

Our chef bakes a special cake for everyone’s Birthday and residents and staff all take part in marking it and in co-operating with family arrangements.

We mark all of the big dates in the calendar – Easter, Christmas, St Patrick’s day, Valentine’s Day – serving special menus and getting creative with themed music and activities.

Faith & Religion

We continue to remain extremely vigilant by limiting gatherings with people from outside our homes until a time when it will be safe to do so. For residents who wish to attend religious services, RTÉ television hosts a live mass every morning. Even pre-COVID, this was very popular with residents wishing to observe mass. We are always happy to support people in observing their different faiths and religions.

COVID measures

As part of each resident’s tailored care plan, we are continually monitoring how the policy of social distancing is impacting on resident’s emotional well-being and will provide more support if needed. This can take the form of more 1:1 input or more frequent contact with family and friends via a suitable IT platform.

We hope that it won’ be too long before we can all hold hands again and sing.

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